Bi Weekly Or Bi Monthly Lawn Maintenance - Which is best?

We get the following question asked a lot at Landscapes Unlimited - "Bi weekly or Bi monthly Lawn Maintenance - which is best for my property?" We thought it would be a great idea to address this on our blog.

Here, in and around the Wilmington, NC area, a weekly landscape maintenance program is the best choice for many of our residential and commercial property owners. A bi-monthly landscape maintenance package is more common in areas of the country that experience more seasonal changes. Here in the south, once a week can make a big difference when it comes to the health and beauty of your lawn.

In the New Hanover County and Brunswick County area, our plants experience vigorous growth. The grass grows fast enough that mowing your lawn every other week might leave you an unhappy customer. You have all probably experienced it. You miss a week of mowing your lawn in the spring and wake up with a lawn up to your knees!

Also, the frequency of lawn maintenance plays a big part when it comes to a warm season grass, like Bermudagrass. During the summer months, if your lawn is fertilized properly (and it is being watered correctly) it will grow at a rate where if you were to mow it every two weeks - it would end up being scalped - and have a yellow or brown appearance. These warm season grasses will green back up in a few days, with sun exposure, but these grasses only green on the outside tip of their leaves.

We have some customers who wonder if having a bi-monthly service will save them money, but that is not always the case. When we are maintaining a lawn, those that we cut bi-monthly usually require more maintenance due to the extra debris build up. It can come down to the difference of maintaining your lawn an hour a week, or 2 hours every 2 weeks.

Recommended Weekly Lawn Maintenance Tasks

Obviously, this will depend on the time of the year, but below are some weekly tasks we perform with our landscape maintenance services.

  • Mowing
  • Blowing
  • Edging bed lines and curbs
  • Trash debris pickup
  • Pruning

With Landscapes Unlimited, curb appeal and cleanliness is a huge priority for us. In our experience, a weekly landscaping option allows your lawn to always look its best.